Remember to check on your elderly family member or neighbor to make sure they are ok.

Stay in Touch! It’s important to remember to check in with your elderly family and neighbors to make sure they are ok. 

Sage Restoration has been there for many families who have had a friend or family member pass away and laid there unknown for several days to several weeks. How does this terrible situation happen? Many times it’s an elderly person who doesn’t have family living in the area or is estranged from their family or simply doesn’t have any family members to check in with them.  We all know and understand how life can get busy for all of us and we forget to call to check up on loved ones.  

Once someone passes away, it doesn’t take long for the human body to begin breaking down. Within days, as the body begins to decompose, strong gases and odors are emitted from the body. The longer the body is there, the worse the odor becomes.  Couple that with high humidity and high temperatures and the odor can become overwhelming!  

When Sage Restoration gets a call to respond to an unattended death, it is often a neighbor that has called the police to investigate the whereabouts of the person who has faced an untimely death. Sometimes the neighbor has noticed that they haven’t seen their neighbor come and go like normal or the odor has gotten so bad that the neighborhood can smell the house from the street.

To try to prevent this from happening to your friend or loved one, it is a good idea to periodically call or check in to see how they are doing. Ask a neighbor to check on them if you are unable to on a regular basis. Remember a bad fall can be disastrous to an elderly person and their bodies do not regulate hot and cold temperatures like they used to. 

In the event you or someone you know is dealing with an unattended death or suicide clean up, give Sage Restoration a call. We understand the emotional stress a situation like this can cause.  We are here to take the stress out of the cleanup.  Covering the entire Kansas City metropolitan area, we have the experience and training necessary to handle this type of clean up. Sage Restoration approaches every job with a sense of urgency, care and compassion no matter what the situation.  Our customers are always Glad They Called Sage! #ServiceWithCompassion


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