The cost of mold remediation and testing can vary widely in the Kansas City area. A lot can depend on the company you are using to do the inspection/testing and remediation. Another factor can be the size of the affected area and the degree of contamination that is present in a property.

Mold testing in the Kansas City area can range in price from $150.00 to several hundred dollars depending on how many air samples or tape tests you want done in your home or business.

Mold Remediation costs in Kansas City can vary from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the severity of the mold contamination and how much cleaning and/or tear out needs to be done in the home or business. The EPA recommends that homeowners can clean up contamination themselves if the impacted area is less than 10 square feet. The best way to clean up mold is NOT to use BLEACH, but to scrub the area with a detergent and water mixture and let it dry. If the contaminated area is more than 10 square feet then it is recommended that you hire a professional.

Although it may seem expensive to hire a professional to clean and remove mold from your home it is a lot less expensive than letting the mold continue to grow (and it will, if left unattended) and creates further damage to your home and lower the value of your most precious investment!

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