Structural cleaning methods after a fire are important because the processes used can make a difference in whether your home is still structurally sound and if the smoke odor has been properly removed from the home.

It’s important that you hire a restoration professional that can properly assess whether structural materials such as wood framing or drywall have been compromised. If drywall that has carbon rings around the drywall screws is not removed chances are there is smoke odor trapped behind these walls and the insulation and drywall most likely needs to be removed and the wall cavity cleaned and treated for smoke damage. If wood framing has an “alligator” char appearance to it, then this wood needs to be removed and replaced. Most structural materials that have been treated for smoke damage will also need to be encapsulated as well. These are just a few things to keep in mind when hiring a fire restoration company.

It’s also important that the company you hire has the capabilities to work with your insurance adjustor and file the necessary paperwork such as an xactimate sketch and pricing estimate.

Sage Restoration has the ability to work with any insurance adjustor and insurance carrier as well as file the necessary claim paperwork.

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