air duct cleaning sage restoration

Air duct cleaning and your home. Have you had your air ducts cleaned or do you even know if they have ever been cleaned? Simply pull a return vent off and if it is dirty it is time to have your ducts cleaned! If you have animals and children, your floor vents can be full of anything. I have seen door knobs, blue painters tape, dead rodents, toys, and really anything you can think of we have found in the vents or the trunk lines.

Your air quality in your home is very important, there could be many allergens, microorganisms and even just clogged air ducts making the air quality in your home low.

Per US DEPT OF ENERGY up to 40% of your heating and cooling is wasted. Cleaning your ducts helps make your system not work as hard. So call us today to have an inspection/bid done for you today!

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