Working with hoarders can be challenging at times but very rewarding as well.

Sage Restoration cares about every item in their home as they would themselves. We normally work with families to help out with these special situations. Keeping what can be kept and throwing away what cannot be kept due to it either being trash or we are unable to clean thoroughly. We know it is a serious illness and it is not to be taken lightly. We are sincere with every different case we come across.

Most hoarders may have just a path to a favorite chair or a place they may be able to sleep on. More times than others the homes are 95% full of debris and feces, due to the fact that the kitchens and bathrooms are usually unusable.

There are many different types of hoarding, be it gross filth, a shopping addiction, and or even animal hoarders. Each home we come across is different, some are “clean” hoarders but others can be very contaminated with bacteria, viruses as well as mold. A lot of hoarders are found out when they end up in the hospital or can’t make it to a phone or even out of the front or back door. A lot of health issues can stem from hoarding and can also create fire hazards as well.

So please contact us today so we can help you and your family take control of their lives again!

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