sage restoration

If your home or business has been damaged due to a fire or a flood, the situation can seem overwhelming. Should you hire a restoration company? You want to get the building back into livable or working condition quickly, but you don’t want to have lasting issues due to the smoke and/or water. Should you take advantage of Sage Restoration’s services or try to clean up the mess yourself?

Although every situation is different, it’s usually a wise idea to hire a restoration company. We get the job done quickly and efficiently. You get to concentrate on your business or family instead of working on your home or office. We offer a number of additional benefits:

We’ll make your home or office safe. 
Our fire and water damage experts know where to look to spot potential health hazards, such as black mold, and not only get rid of current problems, but help to prevent future issues. Although cosmetic work, such as re-painting and re-plastering will make your building look fresh and new, there could still be underlying smoke and mold problems that could cause or aggravate health issues for years to come.

We’ll work quickly.
We pledge to attack your clean-up job with a full crew immediately, while you work your busy schedule. Cleaning up the damage quickly will help to prevent the damage from spreading and mold and mildew from forming.

We’ll help with your insurance claim.
We have years of experience dealing with insurance companies after a fire or flood. We can help you fill out and submit the necessary paperwork to get your money quickly. Plus, our services are covered under most homeowners’ insurance policies.

We’ll help you determine what’s salvageable. 
Having to throw away any of your belongings can be emotional.  Our compassionate professionals can be an invaluable resource in helping you determine what items you should keep and what is damaged beyond redemption. In the aftermath of a fire or flood, it can be difficult for you to make such decisions without being emotional.

If you’ve been through a fire or flood, you need a partner to help you clean things up and restore the balance in your house, your office and your life. Sage Restoration can spear-head this effort and get your building back to the way it was quickly, safely and efficiently. Contact us today for service with compassion!

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