water damage overland parkOne of the best (and most  inexpensive) forms of therapy is to liven up the living space with  a few plants. Beautiful, lush houseplants not only add to the aesthetics of the room, but also improve indoor air quality. And as a bonus, the give a boost to our mental health. 

When caring for indoor plants, be thoughtful and organized about watering. Since when they leak, they can cause damage to your home. 

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When plants are placed on porous surfaces like furniture, wooden floors and carpet, any excess water will be absorbed with little opportunity to evaporate. Common problems are mildew, stains, warping and wood rot.

Sage Restoration is a great partner for cleaning, repairing and restoring your home after water damage

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Most houseplants raise humidity because they undergo respiration and photosynthesis. Houseplants absorb water while making their food, then they release about 97% of this moisture in the air– transpiration. In some homes, this humidity is a welcome relief to dry skin and chapped lips. Plants with bigger leaves typically give off more water into the air. Grouping plants closer together further increases the effect.   

But, if you already have a problem with indoor humidity, focus instead  on cactuses and succulents. Too much moisture can trigger mold and mildew to flourish in rooms with poor ventilation like bathrooms and offices. 

How To Water Without Making a Mess  

Buy pots with a matching tray, or source a plate or tray with a bit of a lip to catch any overflow. You can also water your indoor plants in a sink but don’t trek dripping plants back to their spots (or you’ve defeated the purpose.)

Pay attention to the soil type. Water plants on a schedule but get in the habit of pushing your finger at least an inch into the solid to feel for moisture. Use a watering can with a long and thin spout, instead of a random glass or pitcher.  

Use Watering Tools 

Self-watering containers alternative. As the soil dries, it wicks up the water held in the container’s reservoir. Depending on the pot’s size, this area holds several cups of water so they are great for vacations (or people who forget to water plants.)

Purchase or create a simple reservoir system by using any wine or plastic soda bottle. The water in the reservoir is pulled through a length of plastic tubing and into the soil as it dries, keeping it contained with no spillage. Make sure the reservoir sits a bit higher than the pot; refill as needed. 

Another option is glass watering globes for both outdoor and indoor potted plants. Simply fill the globe with water, insert it into the pot’s soil and as the soil dries, the water leaches from the globe into the soil.  

When You Have Water Damage In Overland Park

If you’ve overwatered your plants over a long time frame, you might need some help cleaning up or restoring the damaged materials. Founded in 2010, Sage Restoration is proud to help homeowners  after unexpected disasters.  

Count on Sage for round the clock responsiveness. For a local, independent, woman-owned company, contact us for emergency response.

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