sage restoration hoarding

When does collecting become hoarding? When does a person cross the line from having a hobby in which they collect certain items to when it overtakes their lives? “Why doesn’t their family do something about it or care how their relatives live?”

Hoarding is a complex mental health issue that takes a professional who specializes in working with individuals dealing with this problem.  Family members sometimes are not even aware that their loved one has a problem or many times they have tried to help but the hoarder refuses and the family gives up. There are many situations and types of hoarding.
Below are some warning signs of hoarding to look for if you think you may have a friend or relative who may have crossed the line and needs help:

1. Won’t allow you into their home
2. There is a strong odor coming from the home
3. Accumulation of clutter, junk, trash or rotting food in the home
4. There are only pathways to get around in the home or blocked doorways and windows
5. The home, appliances or plumbing are in constant disrepair
6. The home is infested with bugs, roaches, flies, rodents etc
7. Frequently feeling ill or depressed
8. Extreme human or animal waste

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