Water Damage Cleanup Overland ParkMold is never a fun topic, but it’s important to be prepared in a water emergency. Also, not only is it unsightly, but if you don’t clean it up properly, it can cause some serious health problems. So, during a water damage cleanup, here are some tips on handling mold if it ever happens to you. Please keep reading!

Water Damage Cleanup In Overland Park

Open up the area

Water damage is one of the most typical causes of mold growth in homes and businesses. When water leaks or seeps into building materials, it provides the perfect environment for mold spores to thrive. Also, mold can cause various problems, including structural damage, respiratory issues, and even toxic reactions. 

So, the only viable solution to prevent its growth is quickly addressing water damage. 

This means opening up the building to air out the dampness and beginning the cleanup process as soon as possible. 

Finally, it would be best to remember that you must not open the house or building if the outside air has more moisture than the inside. If that happens, consult a water damage cleanup professional or use a dehumidifier.

Get rid of wet material

Many people think that mold is something that just appears out of nowhere. However, mold is a fungus that thrives in damp conditions. 

Similarly, if your home has been damaged by water, cleaning up the mess as soon as possible is important to prevent mold growth. 

The first step in water damage cleanup is to remove all wet materials from the affected area. This includes carpets, furniture, drywall, and anything else that has been soaked. 

Likewise, once all the wet materials have been removed, you can begin cleaning and disinfecting the area to prevent mold from taking hold. 

Circulate air

Water damage can cause many problems, not the least of which is mold. Mold loves damp, dark places, and it’s the perfect breeding ground if your home has suffered water damage. 

But there’s no need to panic! There are things you can take to prevent mold from taking over.

One of the most important things is to circulate air. Mold needs moisture to survive, so keeping the air moving makes your home much less hospitable for mold spores. 

So open up those windows and turn on those fans! Your home will thank you.

Use dehumidifiers

Water from leaking pipes, overflowing sinks and tubs, and heavy rains can lead to mold problems. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: dehumidifiers. 

Dehumidifiers work by removing extra moisture from the air, making it difficult for mold to take hold. In addition, they can help to prevent condensation on surfaces like windows and walls, which can also lead to mold growth. As a result, dehumidifiers are an essential tool for anyone who wants to keep their home or business free of mold.

For instance, if the outside air is more humid than the inside air, opening up the building can worsen the problem by increasing the moisture inside.

In this case, it’s best to close up the building and use dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air.


If you are an Overland Park resident and have experienced water damage, please follow these tips to avoid mold growth. And if the damage is too much for you to handle on your own, don’t hesitate to call Sage Restoration. They are there 24/7 to help get your home back in order. Also, their water damage cleanup services are vetted and recommended by seasoned professionals. Stay safe and dry!

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