sage restoration water damage

 Water Damage Clean Up Services should be performed within 2 hours of water intrusion. It’s important to remember that response time is key! You have to remember mold grows within the first 24-48 hours. In the worst of conditions we have come across it within the first 12 hours of water intrusion.

We come across a lot of times where the homeowner has tried to start/do the drying process themselves, and while they have good intentions, they don’t always know what’s wet or where it’s wet. Many times a homeowner will tell that they have got all of the water out by shop vacuuming for hours but once they see the gallons of water we are pulling out of their carpet with our weighted extraction machines they are shocked. The more water you can extract from your carpet and pad the faster it’s going to dry along with the other structural materials in the room. Homeowners lack the experience and training of a professional restoration company, not to mention they also lack the proper equipment such a moisture meters that are used to detect what surfaces are affected by water. Homeowners also do not have professional extraction and drying equipment.

Under normal situations our response time is within an hour depending on the location we are going to. Give us a call today if you are in need of help!

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