Trauma and Hazardous Cleanup Services involve different levels of cleaning services compared to other types of cleaning.
Trauma cleanup can include unattended death, crime scene or suicide cleanup and requires a specialty clean up company such as Sage Restoration as there can be many diseases in BOPIM fluids such as HIV, MRSA, Staph or Hepatitis.

Hazardous Cleanup can also include hoarding or meth cleanup.

The levels of hoarding cleaning:
Level 1: Cleaning clutter, sorting and packaging, general maintenance
Level 2: Cleaning massive amounts of clutter with minimal contamination
Level 3: Cleaning insect, rodent and mold contamination
Level 4: Cleaning up animal waste, human waste, bodily fluids, blood etc.

Sage Restoration technicians have been called to clean up many different hazardous situations. We have cleaned everything from vehicles, trucks, homes or businesses that have sustained damage due to a mishap that requires a professional level of cleaning.  We are in the business where every day we can get a call that is a new type of job and/or situation. Our technicians are ready for almost any type of job or situation. We proud of the way we respond with a sense of urgency but also with a sense of compassion, sensitive to the needs of the customer who is calling us to respond.

Sage Restoration is located in Overland Park, KS which is in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  Sage is a specialty clean up company that is trained in trauma and hazardous clean up services.  We are a local family owned business that is ready to tackle even the toughest jobs. Our company culture is to respond to every job with a sense of urgency, care and compassion and that’s what we do at Sage!

No matter what level of cleaning that needs to be done in the home, you can be sure that Sage Restoration has trained and compassionate technicians that will clean and sanitize the home to give it a clean bill of health!

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