Things to do to protect your contents from water damage in Kansas City MissouriHow to prevent contents from water damage

In the event you experience flooding of any kind in your home, there are things you can do to protect your furniture and other contents from water damage. While you wait for a mitigation company to arrive you should do the following:

  • Move any furniture with wood feet or legs that you can safely carry out of the affected area.  You can use a non-porous object such as coasters, plastic wrap, Styrofoam etc, to block the furniture and lift the legs out of the water. At Sage Restoration, we use Styrofoam blocks to lift furniture out of wet areas.  However, it is okay to be creative as a homeowner to find other household items that can serve the same purpose. The important thing is prevent water damage to your furniture.
  • Move any wet cardboard boxes to a dry area. Better yet, move contents in cardboard boxes to a plastic storage bin. It’s also a good idea to dry off items that are wet before placing them in storage.
  • Move electronics that have been saturated by water to a dry area and wipe down with a clean, dry rag.
  • Take pictures! We take pictures for your insurance company when we arrive, but if you do happen to move anything or have something that is really damaged, make sure to take pictures of those items.

The more you can move items yourself, it will help reduce water damage to your furniture and other contents.  This helps the water mitigation company get to work immediately on extracting water and setting up drying equipment.

In the event you experience water damage be sure to call Sage Restoration for fast and efficient water extraction to dry out your home!

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