You may think eliminating bad odors from your home is a simple fix.  It’s not.  Certain odors take professionals, such as Sage Restoration, to properly remove cigarette smoke or pet odors from a home. Sage crews are also experts in removing fire and smoke damage from homes including furniture and contents.  Mold odors are in direct relation to mold contamination in homes and businesses and Sage have vast experience in getting properties clean and healthy again which is key to removing such odors.

Odor molecules are a part of a substance that is released into the air as a volatile vapor or gas. These airborne molecules trigger a person’s “sense” of smell and recognizes the “odor” and interprets it. It’s important to note that the perception of odor is highly subjective, can be perceived differently by different people and that people can become acclimated to odors in their home.

The best systems for intense odor removal in structures almost always require a combination of two or more techniques. Odor elimination should be done using proper equipment, tools, cleaning products and processes.

​The following steps normally need to be done to successfully remove the odor:

  • Physical removal of source material
  • Cleaning is the first step in this process!
  • Chemical action to remove source material such as wet or dry fogging.
  • Application of surface odor modifier (deodorizer)

Using the correct cleaning and deodorizing products, equipment and tools are key to successfully eradicating bad odors.  Thermal foggers and pump sprayers are used to apply products to the air and affected surfaces along with air scrubbers that clean the air and a hydroxyl unit to remove odors from the air.

The last step that may be necessary in extreme odor jobs is to apply a sealant. Sealants “lock in” any remaining odor into the surface of the material. Since the odor molecules cannot “escape” into the air, there is no perceived odor. Odor will not go away on its own and quick fixes, such as masking agents, are not the answer.

Don’t let odor scare you away from a property!
If you are trying to sell a home, don’t be discouraged by odor as odor can be remediated quickly and cost efficiently. Remediation gives the home a fresh clean smell thus increasing value and ability to sell quickly. Sage Restoration has a high success rate in odor elimination as we haven’t met a home or business that we can’t ‘fix’.

Sage Restoration provides quick and efficient service to get your home sold as quickly as possible. For years, Sage Restoration has literally helped hundreds of property owners with an extreme odor problem.   Sage crews service the Greater Kansas City area!


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