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I can vividly remember my first mold job in an attic!  It was a hot July day in 2010 and I was meeting the sales representative at the house so he could train me on how to use the mold cleaning product. This particular product, which we still use today, is 18% hydrogen peroxide and you have to be in FULL protective gear to use the product safely.  Full protective gear entails wearing a tyvek suit, gloves and a full face respirator, all of which holds in your body heat and makes you sweat profusely. Needless to say, mold clean up can be quite uncomfortable in a hot attic on a hot summer’s day!  

White, filmy mold coated the wood joists and ceiling of the attic and we spent the first half of the day tediously hepa vacuuming every surface of the attic.  After lunch, we spent the afternoon spraying the attic with the mold cleaner using an airless sprayer.  It’s difficult when working in an attic as you have limited floor space to stand on. You find yourself balancing like a tightrope walker at times while holding a vacuum hose or airless sprayer trigger in your hands. 

Ron, the sales representative, still reminisces about this day as well because he remembers thinking to himself…”she won’t last long doing this job!” But, he was amazed at how I worked alongside him all day and took less breaks to cool off than he did! 

It was one of the longest days in my life and at times I was thinking, “I don’t know any of my friends that would be doing this, what have I gotten myself into?”

Although I was tired and drenched in sweat most of the day, I was still very proud of myself that I had weathered the heat and mastered the skill of treating an attic for mold!  One job down and many to go over the years.  I am glad I proved and continue to prove that a woman can hold her own in a tough work environment! 

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