smoke odor removal

Smoke odor particles coming from cigarette or cigar smoke, leaves a yellow sticky substance that remains on structural materials and can be a problem when it comes to buying and selling the home or even renting it out for that matter. Many individuals are thrown off by the foul odor and unsightly yellow staining. Smoke odor removal services should be performed by a professional restoration company.

The removal of cigarette smoke is very time consuming. Since it sticks to every surface including walls, floors, contents, trim, cabinets etc…sometimes cleaning alone does not solve the problem. That’s why we run a hydroxyl machine, that works by removing odor molecules to clean the air, in combination with specialty cleaning techniques and products. Tobacco odor removal is often worse than smoke a fire produces and usually requires at a minimum, a two step cleaning process, including cleaning your air ducts to properly remove odor from the home.

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