Hopefully you have never had to go through a sewage backup! Sewage damage cleanup is never a fun or easy task and must be done correctly to prevent cross contamination and to prevent the occupants or our technicians from getting sick. We always like to inform customers of their limits on their insurance policy. If you do not have the right coverage you will be out a lot of money. Sewage can cause a lot of damage and is expensive to get cleaned up.

If you happen to have a finished basement we recommend at least having 10,000.00-$20,000.00 worth of coverage for a sewage backup although it depends on the size and contents in your basement on how much coverage you actually need. If it affects your whole finished basement it can get expensive real fast. If you only have a $5000.00 coverage limit for drain backups, sump pump coverage or sewage that may not be enough to cover any contents lost or damage or that need to be cleaned or the cost to repair contaminated materials that need to be removed such as carpet and pad and drywall.  Any porous or semi-porous materials that come in contact with sewage need to be disposed of as they cannot be properly cleaned.   Most non-porous materials and some semi-porous materials such as concrete or wood framing can be cleaned and disinfected. Another important thing a homeowner needs to be aware of, is many times we arrive to a home where the occupants have been walking in and out of the area with contamination and walking into other areas of their home. This spreads the contamination and can be a risk to you and your family.

Check with your insurance company so you know what your policy actual covers because some homeowners do not even know if they have sewage coverage. Your agent should be able to explain what policy would be best for you.

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