sage restoration saving flooded carpet with proper extraction and drying equipment ensures a faster dryout to prevent mold growthSaving flooded carpet with extraction and drying equipment

​Saving flooded carpet with extraction and drying equipment. If your carpet has been saturated with water, it requires proper extraction and dry out performed by a professional remediation company. Whether wet carpet can be saved depends on the source of the water. If the water damage is from a clean water source both the carpet and pad can be saved and dried but if it is from a contaminated water source then both may have to be removed and disposed of. It also depends on how long the carpet and pad have been wet. If they have been wet for several days, delamination of the carpet and/or pad may have begun and it could be too late to save one or the other. The important thing to remember is to call a professional restoration company, such as Sage Restoration, so your carpet and pad can be properly assessed. It’s very important to get the water extracted from the carpet and drying equipment set up as soon as possible to prevent secondary damage and mold growth. Sage Restoration has weighted extraction equipment that can get up to 95% of the water out of your carpet and/or pad which greatly reduces the time it takes to get your carpet dried and back to normal again. Many contractors lack the proper extraction equipment, drying equipment and moisture meters  and this can be dangerous as they may not get your carpet, walls or other wet materials dry. If this happens, you could have mold growth in as little as 24-72 hours.  It’s important to call a restoration company that is trained and certified to perform a water mitigation in your home or business and that is also properly insured! Your carpet may be saved if you Call Sage Restoration…Disaster is Unpredictable but our Service is not!

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