Lead paint is very toxic, so before you tear down a wall, rip off old wood trim, or strip old paint, ask yourself when your home was built or when these materials were installed. If it was before 1978, it may be contaminated with lead paint! Many homeowners do not know about the health hazards that involve lead paint or even asbestos for that matter. If your home was built before 1978 there are precautions you need to take to keep your family safe.

Lead is very poisonous, especially for children, the elderly, and pets. IF you will be hiring a contractor to perform the work you need to make sure they are properly certified to remove lead paint.

Here is a link to the EPA website on the RRP lead safe paint rules and regulations http://www2.epa.gov/lead/renovation-repair-and-painting-program. Please read so you can be better informed and protected!

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