sage restoration odor removal

Removing offensive odors from your home are of utmost importance if you want a quick offer on your home!

The fastest way to have a buyer lose interest in your home is when they are slapped in the face with an unpleasant odor upon entering your home.  Offensive Odor Removal should be handled by a professional if you want it done correctly. Here at Sage Restoration we specialize in all types of odor removal. The top three are listed below as well as all of the other types of odor removal we specialize in.

The most common home odors that can keep you from getting an offer on your home are:
1. Cigarette Smoke Odor
2. Pet and/or urine Odor
3. Mold/Mildew Odor
4. Gross Filth/Stale Odors
5. Trauma/Biohazard
6. Skunk Odor
7. Hoarder Odor
8. Cooking and/or Food Odor
9. House Fire/Smoke Odor

Odors in a home can be made worse by keeping a home closed up thus lacking fresh air as well as high humidity or high air temperatures. Odor molecules are a vapor or gas that circulate in the air and are detected by our olfactory nerves. Our brain signals whether they are a pleasant or offensive odor. We can become “accustomed” to odors in our own home that may be offensive to others.

Successful odor control involves:
1. Locating and Eliminating the Source
2. Cleaning the contaminated area
3. Sealing if necessary
4. Not using masking agents that simply cover up or “mask” the odor. As soon as the masking agent loses its effectiveness, the odor is still there as it has not been properly removed and cleaned.

Successful removal of odor involves two cleaning steps…rarely do you have success with only one!

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