Many times we help people who are not hoarders but have simply collected many items over the years and not thrown or given it away because they think someday their kids will want their things. Reduce clutter by donating because of the hundreds of families we have helped through the years, kids may want a few keepsakes but don’t want or need all of the items that are sitting in their parent’s attic or basement. It’s not that they don’t care or love their parents, it’s simply that as they became adults they have purchased their own items for their own home or apartment. So think twice before you take that lamp that you don’t want any more to the attic or basement and ask your children if they can use it. If the answer is no, consider donating items you don’t want any more to help people who can make good use of your old things.

Sage Restoration donates what items they can to help reduce the debris thrown into onsite dumpsters and ultimately the local landfills. Sage also has relationships with contractors who will pick up metal items and appliances and take them to local metal recycling companies. Items that are clean are also sent to local charities.
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