​Many homeowners may think a home fire is a home fire but there is a big difference between protein fires versus typical fires. Many homeowners underestimate the damage of a protein fire because they don’t see the “typical” black smoke residue commonly associated with home fires. A protein fire produces a fine mist that has a rancid strong odor that can also compromise structural materials and contents in the home. These protein residues can penetrate cabinets, drawers, air ducts, furniture and clothing. A quick fix cleanup will not adequately remove the mist and odors as the proper cleaning steps are required to remove this odor from the structure and contents. It takes extensive cleaning of walls, floors, ceiling and contents of the home to rid the home of this offensive odor. To prevent a protein fire in your home, make sure that you don’t leave foods such as eggs, meat or beans on the stove when you are not home and make sure to keep these foods from burning or boiling over. An ounce of prevention can save you from the headache of a major odor clean up in your home!
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