Beware of a lot of misinformation out there regarding the proper cleaning and removal of meth. If you are purchasing a home and are worried that meth may have been produced in the home? Meth contamination can cause various health problems and is considered hazardous. Proper cleaning and removal of meth should be performed by a professional remediation contractor that follows proper meth cleaning guidelines.  Normally the first step in decontaminating for meth involves doing an initial assessment followed with taking samples from every affected room and sending the samples to a lab to be analyzed.

There are three methods of dealing with decontaminating a meth lab or home:
*Demolition Method: This means the house or building used to cook  meth is simply bulldozed it or burnt down.

Detergent Method: This means washing down all rooms or areas that may be contaminated with meth.  

•* Surfactant/Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation Product Method:
Methamphetamine  has the potential for adverse effects on the drug user which can include agitation, psychosis, seizures, respiratory arrest, and death.

Where Do You Find Meth Labs?
With the advent of the one-pot method (aka “Shake ‘n Bake”) you can find a meth lab virtually anywhere:
Cars, motels, homes, apartments, boats, airplanes, campsites, recreational vehicles and many other places you could imagine.

As you can see Meth is a complex drug problem that can cause many adverse health affects to the user themselves and to other occupants living in an area where meth is being produced or used.

No matter what level of cleaning that needs to be done in the home, you can be sure that Sage Restoration has trained and compassionate technicians that will clean and disinfect the home to give it a clean bill of health!

Beware of contractors whose estimates seem to be much lower than other bids you have gotten as they may be cutting corners and not following proper mold remediation guidelines. It is always a good idea to get several estimates and cleaning scope that details the work to be performed.  It is also a good idea to follow cleaning with post meth testing so you can be sure that the work was properly performed.

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