sage restoration smoke pet odor removal

Pet and Smoke Odor Removal normally is not achieved using only one cleaning technique, it usually requires at least two steps to successfully mitigate the odor.

Odor is a gas that has the ability to permeate into the structure of a home and especially into porous fabrics and contents. This ability to affect contents in a home is increased by high heat and humidity.

Odor control is a specialty cleaning process that should be handled by a professional trained to:

1. Identify the Source of the Odor and Eliminate the Source.
2. Clean the contaminated area with the proper cleaning techniques and products.
3. Recreate the Conditions that caused the Contamination. This is a method used to counteract the odor that may have affected other contents or areas of the home.
4. Seal, the Area, if necessary.

Normally the cleaning process used to mitigate odor in a home is combined with using an Ozone or Hydroxyl machine that cleans odor from the air while also cleaning any surfaces or contents affected as well. Some badly affected contents or structural materials will have to disposed of and replaced if they are unable to be adequately cleaned.

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