Illness and Hoarding go hand in hand. If you or a loved one are living amidst growth filth in your home you can be at risk for an array of dangerous bacteria or viruses that can cause adverse health effects. Many times a hoarder is not found out until an ambulance or police have been called to their home in response to a medical emergency call and that is when the secret gets out about the living conditions of their home. The health effects of hoarding can be detrimental to the hoarder as well as to any animals living in the home.

When a home is full of clutter it is not possible to properly clean the home and its contents. Dust, mildew and fungus can cause allergy symptoms and refrigerators and freezers that are too full may not be able to keep food fresh and free from rotting which can cause food poisoning if consumed. Many times the hoarder also doesn’t keep their bathrooms clean and they are badly contaminated with urine and or feces. The important thing is to hire a professional specialty cleaning company that is trained to properly remove and dispose of contaminated contents and properly clean and disinfect the home and salvageable contents. The hoarder may also require special counseling to help them cope with their disorder.

If you or a loved one are in crisis and need help, call Sage Restoration. Our technicians are caring and compassionate about helping you or your loved one get their home back to a healthy condition!

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