You’re feeling overwhelmed and confused and are struggling with how to find help with compulsive hoarding. Compulsive hoarding can equate into mountains of debris that needs to be removed from the home. In our experience we often are called in to assist a family member who is left to deal with the aftermath of a home that has endured years of neglect and mountains of debris piling up year after year.

Below are some tips to finding a company that can help you and your family member get the property healthy again:
1. Will do a walk through the home with you or the owner to provide an estimate. It is very difficult for a company to simply provide an estimate over the phone because of the enormous amounts of debris and contents in the home and they also need to see what the condition is of the home.
2. Can provide you with options in the estimate. It is not inexpensive to have a hoarder home cleaned of debris and filth. We have found that it is best to offer options for cleaning and sorting of debris and contents as this can help with the financial costs involved or make it easier on the hoarder themselves so they have some control over what areas of the home are worked in.
3. Make sure that the company’s employees are trained (or have the experience) to work with care and compassion with the family and understand what a difficult time this is for everyone involved. Our employees get great satisfaction out of helping a family get their home back to a healthy condition again and treat everyone with understanding, respect and compassion.

These are a few suggestions we have to help you in selecting a company to perform clean out and clean up services. If you or your loved one needs help please call Sage Restoration because we are happy to get your home back to a healthy condition again.

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