Hoarding, where does it all begin? Causes of hoarding can be caused by an illness or a major life changing event. Some doctors say hoarding can start even during the toddler years, due to their attachment to objects and toys. Depression and or anxiety can also play a key factor in hoarding. Many suffer from a lack of decision making skills so they grow attachments to trash, newspapers, egg cartons and many more items that most of us throw away on a daily basis. Hoarding trash can lead to rodents and other bacteria in the home and create an unhealthy home environment.

Many hoarders start just for affection to the objects because it’s something they can hold to or believe the item maybe useful to them someday in the future or attach unrealistic value to the items.

Many times we get the call from a family member who feels helpless and isn’t sure who to turn to. Many times family members haven’t even been in the home for years and is shocked to find out how their loved one is living. Family members sometimes try to clean up the house themselves but find it very over whelming. It could take them weeks or months to sort through all of the contents and trash in the home. Even in the worst situations, Sage Restoration is normally able to clean out the home and have it cleaned in 3-4 days.

If you have a family member that needs help, we our here to help even if you just have questions on how to go about helping your family out.

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