It’s not easy just sitting there watching people you care about living in misery. Helping hoarders in hazardous homes is a very complicated task and there are many steps that need to be taken when it comes to getting a hoarder’s home healthy again.

The last step would be the cleaning of the structure. A good way to start first would be to get educated on the disorder. It’s not as easy as just cleaning the home, there behavior never changes and the home will eventually be stacked and dirty again.

Hoarding doesn’t happen overnight, so you have to be very patient through the whole process. If you want to have success here are a few things to consider:

Does the hoarder has desire to change? If not it will be harder for them to have a clutter free life, you must be willing to never give up on them. Can you help convince the hoarder to go to therapy? Therapy is one of the most important part of rehabilitation.

Once a hoarder has family support, willing to make the change the clean-up can begin , but it is still a very difficult process for everyone.

Last but not least aftercare, visits, and therapy maybe ongoing process. Professional organizer and support always helps.
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