Hazardous Mold Emergencies may occur when health and safety may be a problem. Examples would consist of Cat. 3 water (sewage) that has been sitting for longer than 48 hours. Mold can grow under the right conditions within 24-48 hours.

Immediate response when moisture is present is key! You may need to contact Sage Restoration if individuals are having health related problems, you have moisture issues, musty odors or you can see visible mold. Mold needs to be addressed right away or it can become out of control and spread throughout your home.

No home is ever going to be sterile due to the fact that the lumber used to build the home sits outside during the building process. We like to call it construction or lumber mold, but if there is water damage intrusion or the humidity is high it can make mold grow at a rapid rate. Mold can also grow on unseen surfaces. i.e. wall cavities, ceilings, attics and behind baseboards.

Beware when buying a home, mold may not be visible due to freshly painted walls. If you have concerns, we recommend having a mold air test done so that you know whether there is elevated levels of mold in the home or not. Especially if you have a basement painted in white, unless it has been properly cleaned and sealed mold will grow through the paint within 6 months. Just always be aware.

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