Gross Filth clean up can consist of the following conditions: clutter of paperwork, trash, old magazines and newspapers, clothing and other miscellaneous contents can be rotting food, human or animal waste, rodents, roaches or even mold! When hoarding escalates to this level it presents many potential health hazards to not only the occupants of the home but to others who might have to enter the home, such as firemen, policemen or medics. Rodents, cockroaches, rotting food, human and animal waste can carry a multitude of diseases that can cause sickness or even death. Cross contamination can also occur if occupants touch contaminated items and don’t wash their hands before touching other items in the home. Many times occupants complain of being ill and not feeling well but it’s no wonder when they are living in unsanitary living conditions. Many times we enter hoarders homes where they do not even have a working toilet, shower or bathtub. Often we will enter the home of a hoarder on an initial visit with our N95 protective mask on because we simply don’t know what bacteria, viruses or mold particles may be in the air. It’s not our intention to be rude to the homeowners but we must be proactive in protecting ourselves and our workers.

It is important that you hire a professional company such as Sage Restoration, who is experienced in specialty cleaning which often involves sewage, gross filth (level 4 hoarder), biohazard (unattended death or crime scene clean up) as well as cleaning and sanitizing facilities to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses to workers, customers etc.

It may seem that we go overboard with our attention to detail in our cleaning but it is our responsibility to make sure we get the home or business back to a healthy and sanitary condition as quickly as possible. When you need a hoarder-gross filth clean up, it’s important that you hire a company that has trained technicians who will use the correct cleaning procedures and products while at the same time treating the homeowner with empathy and respect. Remember Sage Restoration is the Wise Choice!

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