Flooded basements can be stressful events to endure. You are not alone, call Sage Restoration for fast and efficient water extraction and dry out of your basement!

There are things you can do while you wait for a mitigation company to arrive. Move any furniture that is made of pressed wood out of the affected area, along with any wet cardboard boxes, and anything of value (ie: electronics that have been saturated by water). We take pictures for your insurance company when we arrive, but if you do happen to move anything or have something that is really damaged, make sure to take pictures of those items. If you are unable to move any items out of the affected area we can assist with that too. It’s also important that you find non-porous items to lift heavy furniture off of wet carpet or flooring. We use Styrofoam blocks to life furniture out of wet areas but it’s ok to be creative as a homeowner to find other household items that can serve the save purpose. The important thing is prevent water damage to your furniture.

Our arrival time is anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the situation and the location of your home. We are located in the middle of the metro area and can usually make it to your home within 30 minutes. Call us today to take your stress away!

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