​We get many calls from family members who are searching for help with hoarding. Normally it’s the children of the hoarder who make the call for assistance reaching out for someone who can get their parent’s home clean and healthy again. Many times the hoarder will no longer let even family members into their home because they are not at the point where they can admit that they have a problem and this leaves their kids feeling helpless in the situation. Many times the hoarder becomes ill due to living in an unhealthy home and when the ambulance or police are called to the home, this is the time when the home may become condemned by the city and when the hoarder is forced to begin the cleanup process. This is the time that the family finally can get involved and utilize the services of a company such as Sage Restoration.  Our technicians are compassionate caring individuals who genuinely care about our customers and helping them get their properties healthy again so they can  move back into the home or get the property ready to place on the market. Check out our video testimonials on our Facebook page to see for yourself that we make a difference in many of our customer’s lives. We help relieve the burden and anxiety for the family that is facing the difficult task of trying to clean out  the home and can focus instead of getting help for their loved one. Sage Restoration is not simply a junk removal company, our technicians come in and sort through contents to set aside valuables or keepsakes while removing trash from the home. We offer a wide variety of options for the family and can also get the home move in or market ready. Sage Restoration specializes in getting homes healthy again!
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