sage restoration extreme cleaning needs

​Sage Restoration specializes in what we like to call specialty or extreme cleaning needs. Not only are we an emergency services restoration company but we also handle about any type of clean up needs you may need.

Many people often ask us “how we do it”, “why we do it” and our answer is simple. We do it because we feel great about helping families get their home or a loved one’s home healthy again. We see many types of situations, from people that have built up clutter from living in their home for many years, simple junk removal, people with shopping addictions, unattended death or suicide clean ups to literally in depth hoarding situations that can include gross filth or pet hoarding.

​Our technicians haven’t come across a situation that they haven’t been able to handle. Our technicians will tell you that they do their job with care and compassion because they truly love helping our customers. We set ourselves apart from our competition with our approach to every job with a sense of urgency combined with taking time for our client’s needs.  We are a local woman owned business that isn’t one of the big guys, but that’s ok with us because  No job is too tough for Sage Restoration!

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