sage restoration expansion tanks on your water heater can help prevent water mold damageExpansion tanks on your water heater can help prevent water damage

Expansion tanks and reducing water and mold damage: Having an expansion tank installed on your water heater reduces the pressure of hot water in the tank thereby reducing the amount of water dripping out from the T & P valve. Reducing any water intrusion minimizes the opportunity for water damage and standing water can also breed bacteria and mold growth.

Installing an expansion tank or doing preventative maintenance to an already existing expansion tank, can potentially save the homeowner from experiencing water damage or mold damage.  Water tanks hold thousands of gallons of water that can quickly flood your home and cause a lot of water  damage in a short amount of time.  Time is of the essence in the event of water intrusion. The faster water is extracted from porous materials and other structural contents in your home the faster it will dry out and reduce the chance of mold contamination. Mold can grow in 24-72 hours especially in warm and humid months of the year. If water and or mold are not cleaned in a short amount of time they can quickly fester in larger and more expensive situations which can also increase the potential for health affects in the occupants of the home. In the event you experience water intrusion due to a leaking water heater, call Sage Restoration…you will be glad you did!

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