water damage cleanup overland parkYou shopped forever for your “forever home.” You looked at model homes, then designed the floor plans, and even chose the faucets that you love. Building a new home was difficult, but the results are so rewarding.

All of the construction materials and procedures are designed to keep dangerous and destructive water out. During the installation of roofs, wall systems, windows, and doors, you hope that the planning works out well.  

In The Best Situations

A well-designed foundation supports the house while directing rain away from the structure. Secure moisture management starts with the construction of the foundation itself. The builder will choose the correct materials and techniques for your building site. During construction, liquid waterproofing compound with cement and sand can be applied for all brickwork, basement and foundations.

Proper site planning places the home on the highest section of the land and encourages drainage toward the street or the city sewer system. 

Many windows have moving parts that allow you to slide, raise or swing them open. Depending on the location and purpose, you have endless choices. Wood windows offer the best insulation value, but can rot. A well-constructed, properly installed vinyl window can be a practical choice: budget-wise and tight construction that reduces air leakage.

But In Many New Construction Builds…

Poor workmanship, underperforming technology, cheap materials or bad luck can cause water damage, even in a brand new house.  

Typically, window leaks are due to poorly installed windows, not the materials themselves. If the frame or waterproofing membrane is not wrapped correctly, water can seep inside the cavity. This leakage can cause damage to your home, including mold and mildew growth, wood rot, or even foundation problems.

Exterior doors must be hung correctly to keep water out. When you have an uneven gap across the top of the door, it can be that the hinge side is out of plumb or the floor is not perfectly level. Then water can ruin the floors, threshold and even the wooden door itself. 

Many times, when new appliances are installed, the water lines can be crimped or damaged. Or the drainage lines can be clogged with debris. Either scenario results in an indoor flood and water damage cleanup in your new home.

Bring In A Team That Can Cleanup Water Damage

If you see signs of water damage like stains, streaks, or puddles, you need a professional team to find and correct the source of the problem. Our water damage cleanup team at Sage Restoration will send out a crew that is capable of drying the space through to avoid mold growth. They will use industrial dryers, fans, and dehumidifiers to dry all the building materials. Every care will be taken to keep your home and family safe and clean. 

For Water Damage Cleanup In Overland Park

Our water damage cleanup company was founded in 2010, to help homeowners live happy and healthy lives after an unexpected disaster strikes. We are woman and family-owned, and dedicated to helping property owners recover from very stressful situations. The complete team is staffed with technicians, operations managers, state-of-the-art equipment, and round the clock responsiveness. 

For a local, independent, family-owned company, contact us to schedule a quote or ask a question.

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