Our Customers are always happy when we finish the job! It’s not easy for most to even make that call to get their home cleaned up, but I promise if you do, you will not be disappointed. Having a healthy home will make anyone feel better. Watch our you tube video from our customer. She wanted to put her house on the market, but the house ” wasn’t presentable enough to even put on the market.” She was very happy when we left! “They saved my life!”

Patience and understanding when working with a hoarder are crucial to starting the process to get them to realize they need help. Restoration cares about our customer and the environment in which they are living. We aren’t just a junk removal company, we are a company that understand patience and understanding when working with a hoarder are crucial. We are a company that works with the hoarder and their family to clean up their home environment with care and compassion. Our technicians take time to help you or your loved one sort through contents to decide what items can be donated, recycled or saved.  We work quickly and efficiently to get the home healthy again so your family can feel at ease knowing that your loved one is safe. We have had many hoarders tell us through the years that we saved their life!

Sage Restoration in Kansas City is one of the top hoarding contractors in the city.  Our technicians are experts in working with hoarders and their families and have the experience and knowledge to help you through this difficult and emotional process!
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