​Day 1 of a Typical Mold Remediation is doing a walk through with the mold scope in hand. A mold scope is the mold remediation plan that has been prepared by a certified mold inspector, mold hygienist or the project manager of a contractor that specializes in mold removal. It’s important that the scope entails details about setting up containment, which prevents cross contamination to and from the work area. The scope should also include what type of equipment and cleaning process that need to be used to clean and remove the mold.  The scope should also outline what contaminated materials need to be removed and disposed of before the cleaning process has begun. The scope should also include a step by step process which includes HEPA Vacuuming the affected area. The final step mentioned in a mold scope is normally cleaning the air ducts and applying a sealant as necessary. The final step mentioned in a mold scope involved post testing to show that the affected areas has been properly remediated. The cost of a mold remediation depends  on the size of the work area and the time and materials involved to properly clean and remove the mold contamination.  Full scale mold remediation can range from $1200.00 – several thousand dollars in an average size home.
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