Crawl space solutions are key to keeping your home, air healthy and free from mold. Mold remediation in crawl spaces can be expensive simply due to the nature of working in a tight confined space.

Crawl spaces can be a big problem if it is always moist, humid, has standing water and doesn’t have proper air ventilation.  6 mil plastic sheeting is a great product that can be used in your crawl space to help keep moisture from penetrating from the ground. This helps reduce moisture in the crawlspace which helps prevent mold growth.

It’s also important that you have adequate air flow from air vents in the crawl space. This helps keep air fresh and prevent stagnant air from penetrating into the living space of  the home.  Lack of air circulation can also contribute to mold growth.
You should also make sure that the ground around the crawl space if elevated away from the foundation of your home which helps direct water out and away from your home and helps prevent it from pooling and thus entering the crawl space.

Another important thing to do to help keep your crawl space dry  is to keep your gutters cleaned out and downspouts directly water out and away from the foundation of your home.

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