sage restoration hoarding

​Compulsive hoarding can equate into mountains of debris that needs to be removed from the home. In our experience we often are called in to assist a family member who is left to deal with the aftermath of a home that has endured years of neglect and mountains of debris piling up year after year. The average number of dumpsters we go through in a typical clean up consists of 3-4 dumpsters. In fact on one of our most recent jobs one of the dumpsters actually weighed in at 5 tons, and that was just one of 4 dumpsters that was filled to the brim with debris, trash and contents. We go to great lengths to make sure that we recycle all that we can from our customer’s home so we can help save the amount of debris that is put into landfills. We donate items that are not contaminated to not for profit charities to it helps people in need.  Metal items including appliances that can’t be adequately cleaned are picked by companies that take these items to recycling centers. If you or your loved one needs help please call Sage Restoration because we are happy to get your home back to a healthy condition again.

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