Nobody likes to think about it, let alone talk about it. Many people make the assumption that local authorities will be the ones handling everything after a death in the home or at a place of business. However, when the police come to investigate, they inspect and document the “crime scene”, collect evidence, and begin their investigation to possibly track down any and all culprits.
When the police leave the scene they leave almost everything just as they found it. Whether it was you, a friend, family or any loved one that was involved in a traumatic incident, you too are the victim. Now to add to your burden, you are left with a frightening mess and constant reminder of a horrifying event. And that is where we come in.

We provide service with compassion, ensuring that we remove all hazardous materials, salvaging as much personal property as possible.  We work hard to return your property to you as it was before the death occurred.  This doesn’t remove the emotional scars, but we work to get you back to your life as quickly as possible.

Our experts have been providing death cleaning services since 2010.

Death Cleanup
The sight of empty beer bottles on the table, macaroni and cheese leftover on top of the stove, neatly folded jacket on the sofa and all the other things which showed how a person used to live is just so heart breaking. This pain is also confounded after seeing the clutter that accumulated which are signs of difficulties and struggle that the deceased person went through before he passed away.
If you find yourself in the midst of this painful sight, please remember that the experts at Sage Restoration are here to help. You do not have to endure the agony of cleaning the death scene on your own.

You can call on us to help you get through this difficult time of your life and make moving on from this terrible situation a little easier. Our experts will remove all traces of blood and other body fluids.  The hazardous chemicals, putrid stench and all kinds of litter will also be eliminated through the use of high-grade cleaning substances to make the property safe again for reentry.

Homicide cleanup
When the sound of sirens goes away, our cleanup experts will start to move closer towards the crime scene. As the police officers leave you with too many questions in mind, the crime scene cleaning experts will be there so can focus on more important things.

Generally, the amount of work to be done in homicide cleaning is usually greater than any other tragic events. The very terrifying nature of homicide generally leads to more rooms, furniture, and other items to be decontaminated. But, with the help of cleaning specialists, the suffering family can attend to other important tasks such as making funeral arrangements, contacting insurance companies and informing family members and loved ones.

Suicide cleanup
More than 50% of all suicide cases involve a firearm. Therefore, the cleaning experts must ensure that all possible points of contact are inspected, decontaminated, and cleaned. Every suicide is considered a unique situation. Depending on the weapon of choice, an unfortunate event such as suicide could impact the magnitude of structural damage and the amount of clutter that need to be cleaned.

Our suicide cleanup specialists carry out the tasks of restoration and decontamination in the most effective and efficient manner, with much confidentiality and discretion. We will be as discrete as possible and leave with only a positive mark – making your place inhabitable once again.

Unattended Death CleanUp
The discovery of a friend or loved one’s body which has been dead for several days, weeks or months is very tragic for everyone. This is why our experts will see to it that the remains of this incident will be eliminated as soon as possible.  The signs of biological decomposition will already be apparent even if death occurred just a day ago. When the body starts to decompose, the liquefied remains will become visible. After two to three days, the remains of the deceased will also emit a pungent smell which is caused by the process of putrefaction that manifests when the body becomes swollen with gases.

Our specialists will see to it that all bodily fluids and other remnants that contain pathogens are removed.  All the insects or maggots that swarmed in the scene because the body was decaying for days will also be eradicated.

If you have experienced a death in the home, contact us.  We will provide service with compassion and help take the stress out of the cleanup.  #ServiceWithCompassion 

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