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Removing mold contamination using an airless sprayer

Cleaning to remove mold is a tedious job and can involve cleaning surfaces where there doesn’t appear to be mold. Mold spores are tiny in size and can’t be seen until the spore roots are large enough to be seen. Cleaning and removing mold contamination requires that all surfaces in an affected area are treated. A mold scope should be provided by a certified mold inspector or mold hygienist.

A proper mold scope should include the following details:

  1. What affected areas of the home need to be remediated.
  2. Setting up containment to prevent cross contamination to other areas of the property. If occupants suffer from mold allergies or have a compromised immune system this is especially important.
    Proper Containment should include the use of an air scrubber and/or negative air and dehumidifier/s.
  3. The cleaning process and what contaminated materials need to be removed and disposed of should be outlined in the scope. 
  4. After removing contaminated materials, the entire affected area will be HEPA vacuumed.  An anti-microbial cleaner will be applied to all surfaces and equipment left running overnight to dry out the area and lower humidity levels.

Final steps that are performed on a per case basis. 

  1. Cleaning the air ducts and applying an anti-microbial sealant to semi-porous or severely stained surfaces.
  2. A walk thru inspection or post air test may be necessary to show that the property has been properly remediated. 

Once the remediation is complete the work space will be cleared of containment and equipment.  The cost of mold removal depends on the size of the work area and the scope of work. Costs can range from $1200.00 to several thousand dollars in an average size home. The company you hire to perform a mold remediation should be certified and have special mold pollution insurance coverage.

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