cigarette smoke odor sage restoration

Cigarette smoke odor is not an easy fix and can be extremely hard to remove.  In fact in severe cases it’s affect is no different than a house fire and be a very offensive odor. When a home is continually smoked in, the compounds in the smoke sticks to every surface.

Smoke particles are very small and can penetrate all porous and semi-porous materials. This is why aggressive cleaning methods are crucial to successfully remediating the odor. The nicotine in cigarette smoke can stain and discolor paint, wall paper and furniture. Many people find the lingering smell unbearable. When buying or selling a home many buyers will pass because the odor maybe very offensive to them. Offensive odors really put off home buyers.

Sage Restoration is located in Kansas City and is an expert in odor elimination. Cigarette smoke odor clean up needs to be done correctly and by a professional. Many times we get calls from homeowners who have tried to clean up the smoke damage themselves but are rarely successful doing it on their own.

There is no magic spray or paint that will get rid of the leftover staining and/or smell. It is very time consuming. Yet you must clean every surface and run a hydroxyl or ozone machine for up to a week depending on the length of time the structure was smoked in.

Even though we may have successfully cleaned the tobacco smoke, the structure may still need to be sealed to lock in any left over staining and porous surfaces may need to be replaced such as drapes, furniture and clothing. These porous materials are easily damaged and readily absorb odors.

Sage Restoration has a great success rate in tobacco odor removal. Please set up a time for a bid today if you plan on selling a home or are renting a home with tobacco odor.

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