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I’m always amazed when I talk to a realtor that tells me they passed on a property that has mold, odor or other issues. What appears to be a major problem that will keep a property from selling is normally something that can easily be fixed at a reasonable cost and be a win-win situation for everyone involved. I always tell them…don’t pass up a listing just because of mold. Call us because we have not had a property yet that we weren’t able to take care of yet. 

Mold only needs 4 things to grow: Water/High Humidity (above 50%), Temperature (68 degrees or higher) and an organic Food Source (paper, drywall, wood) and can grow in 24-72 hours. Mold can cause major damage and loss of value to a home as well as cause health concerns to its occupants.

Mold is a natural part of our environment and it is EVERYwhere, even inside of our homes. Mold becomes a concern when it is at “elevated” levels inside of a home or building and it can cause the following ailments to occupants of the property.

  • Allergic reactions   (most common)
  • Respiratory symptoms:  wheezing, cough, difficulty  breathing
  • Nasal & sinus congestion
  • Nose & throat irritation
  • Eyes: burning sensation,  watering, reddened, blurry  vision, light sensitivity

Disadvantages to not taking action in remediation of mold!

  • Can scare potential buyers away
  • Mold will continue to grow and cause damage to the home over time which can greatly  increase costly repairs and reduce the value over time
  • Cross contamination can occur to other areas of the home including the HVAC and air duct system
  • Contributes to an overall unhealthy home environment for occupants of the home.

Advantages to being proactive with mold growth!

  • Adds value to the property because it now has a clean bill of health.  We verify this with a post clearance test or mold certification letter from the mold contractor.
  • Our services add value to properties which increase the listing prices.  The properties, in turn, sell quicker instead of staying listed for months at a time. This can result in having to reduce the listing price because there are unresolved issues with the property.

Don’t let mold scare you away from a listing:

  1. Mold can be remediated quickly and cost efficiently.  The cost varies on average from $300.00-$2500.00 and Sage Restoration will accept payment out of title closing proceeds!  This helps reduce out of pocket expenses!
  2. Remediation gives the home a clean bill of health thus increases value and ability to sell quickly versus sitting on the market for months or giving the buyer more negotiating power!
  3. Sage Restoration hasn’t had a home yet that they haven’t been able to fix! In fact the average time it takes for us to finish a mold remediation is only 2 -5 days!
  4. Sage Restoration provides quick and efficient service to get your deal closed as quickly as possible.  We jump through hoops to get you to the closing table!
  5. Sage Restoration has literally helped hundreds of realtors close more deals every year!

For more information on how we can help you sell an ‘unsellable’ home, contact us today!

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