sage restoration home spring

Spring is in with the new out with the old. Hiring a company to deep clean your carpets is always a wonderful idea while you are doing your spring cleaning. It’s a good idea to replace cardboard boxes with plastic totes so there is no chance of mold growth. Cardboard is a great source of food for mold and there is a higher change when water is introduced.

Check your sump pump to make sure it is working correctly before you end up with a flooded basement. Your sump pump has 2 plugs one plug is for the float device and one goes directly to the pump. Plug the one that goes directly to the pump and you should start to hear it working. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on it during rain storms and check it ever 3 months or so.

Go through items that you no longer use and donate to the goodwill. Be clutter free during you summer months by doing just a little spring cleaning this year! It’s always a good time of year to have your air ducts cleaned before you go to turn your A/C on for the coming up summer months.

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