Sage Restoration specializes in what we like to call specialty cleaning needs. Not only are we an emergency services restoration company but we also handle about any type of clean up need.

Due to the extreme nature of the cleaning, we do, many people often ask us “how we do it”, “why we do it” and our answer is simple. We do it because we feel great about helping families get their home or a loved one’s home healthy again or getting a business back up and operating again. We see many types of situations, from people that have built up clutter from living in their home for many years, simple junk removal, people with shopping addictions, unattended death or suicide clean ups to literally in-depth hoarding situations that can include gross filth or pet hoarding. Below details the many different cleaning services we offer to our customers.

Hoarding or Gross Filth clean up can consist of the following conditions: clutter of paperwork, trash, old magazines and newspapers, clothing and other miscellaneous contents can be rotting food, human or animal waste, rodents, roaches or even mold! When hoarding escalates to this level it presents many potential health hazards to not only the occupants of the home but to others who might have to enter the home, such as firemen, policemen or medics. Rodents, cockroaches, rotting food, human and animal waste can carry a multitude of diseases that can cause sickness or even death. Cross contamination can also occur if occupants touch contaminated items and do not wash their hands before touching other items in the home. Many times, occupants complain of being ill and not feeling well but it is no wonder when they are living in unsanitary living conditions. Many times, we enter hoarders’ homes where they do not even have a working toilet, shower, or bathtub. Often, we will enter the home of a hoarder on an initial visit with our N95 protective mask on because we simply do not know what bacteria, viruses or mold particles may be in the air. It is not our intention to be rude to the homeowners, but we must be proactive in protecting ourselves and our workers.

Biohazard/Trauma cleanup can include unattended death, crime scene or suicide cleanup and requires a specialty clean up company such as Sage Restoration as there can be many diseases in BOPIM fluids such as HIV, MRSA, Staph or Hepatitis. Many times, a hoarding situation and a biohazard clean up go hand in hand when a hoarder dies amidst their cluttered and unsanitary home. These are precarious situations that are not taken lightly and require a professional like Sage as they require not only the clean up of bodily fluids but also the home itself.  

Biological clean up can include everything from a sewage situation, COVID, C Diff, MRSA or a variety of other potentially dangerous bacteria or viruses. There are many health concerns to be aware of in these situations because of the risk of encountering a dangerous bacteria, virus, or other contaminants. Our technicians must wear appropriate personal protective gear, which can include Tyvek suits. waterproof waders, rubber gloves, eye protection and full-face respirators.  The cost to remove highly contaminated contents and clean affected materials in the home or business are higher than an average specialty cleans up job due to the risks associated with this type of cleaning as well as decontamination and disposal costs.  

Chemicals clean up jobs involve situations such as Meth contamination can cause various health problems. Proper cleaning and removal of meth should be performed by a professional remediation contractor that follows proper meth cleaning guidelines.  Normally the first step in decontaminating for meth involves doing an initial assessment followed with taking samples from every affected room and sending the samples to a lab to be analyzed. Meth is a complex drug problem that can cause many adverse health effects to the user themselves and to other occupants living in an area where meth is being produced or used. Other types of clean ups of this type can include Tear Gas which also requires a very particular cleaning and testing method and should be left to a professional.

Industrial cleaning on equipment in factories and warehouses as well as work areas are another area of expertise for Sage crews.  Many times, equipment gets very greasy and dirty and the company needs us to come in get a piece of machinery cleaned so it stays in working order or the nature of their work causes a variety of specialty cleaning needs We often get calls from companies that have had an employee who is injured on the job and they need a professional company to clean up and disinfect the work area to prevent cross contamination.

As you can see here at Sage there is almost nothing, we have come across that we cannot handle. We are a specialty clean up company that many industries and different companies can rely on to do any type of cleanup work. Our crews have even cleaned and disinfected cars, trucks, and RVs!

Our technicians will tell you that they do their job with care and compassion because they absolutely love helping our customers. We set ourselves apart from our competition with our approach to every job with a sense of urgency combined with taking time for our client’s needs.  We are a local family-owned business that is up for the task to handle the toughest jobs. If you or someone you know has a specialty cleaning issue, contact us today.  #ServiceWithCompassion  




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